BCP Software: Use It or Lose It?

Fri, 02/18/2011 - 9:13am
Buffy Rojas Editor-in-Chief

In our last issue, the cover story discussed the value of business continuity software and posed the question: Should you be using it?

We spoke with experts who had lots of opinions, positive and negative, about such tools. But we didn’t speak to vendors…until now.

As you might expect, quite a few vendors wanted their voices to be heard on the subject, and we received a number of thoughtful and constructive replies. You can read those replies in their entirety on the Continuity Insights blog and our Linkedin page.

Some of the points they raise include true ease of use, the danger of automating bad processes, the need for data analysis, and why they don’t think Microsoft Word is a viable option.

And now that we’ve heard from them, it is our hope that we’ll hear from you – our readers! Help us continue this interesting, enlightening and useful conversation with your input, opinions, and experiences. So read the vendor responses, and then say what you need to say.


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