Presentation slides for the 2012 Continuity Insights New York conference can be downloaded using the links below:

Monday, October 29, 2012

B1. Developing Public/Private Partnerships
B2. Implementing & Maintaining A Comprehensive, Organization-Wide Preparedness & Safety Program
B3. Reputational Risk: Safeguard Your Most Valuable Corporate Asset
B4. The Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS): Solving The Post-Disaster Access Dilemma Through Public-Private Initiative
B5. From Best Practice To Certification -- What Is Stopping You?
B6. Emergency Management & Business Continuity As Part Of A Higher Education Degree
B7. Emergency Management/Business Continuity For Hospitals: It’s A Matter Of Life & Death
B8. How To Conduct Powerful Exercises Every Time
B9. Performing The Risk Assessment
B10. Innovative Corporate Philanthropy In Disaster Response: Lessons Learned & Ways Ahead
B11. Improve Organizational Decision Making -- Integrating Business Continuity, Enterprise Risk Management & Information Security

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

B13. Business Continuity Management & GRC Convergence -- Are You Ready?
B14. How An Airline Responds To An Accident?
B15.  Advanced Specifications To Drive Operational Resiliency & Disruption Management (Advanced BCI Mini-Track: 1)
B16. Workplace Violence & The Business Continuity Plan
B17. Third-Party & Vendor Risk Management Leading Practices
B18. Driving Risk Management Governance Into The BCM Lifecycle (Advanced BCI Mini-Track: 2)
B19. World View: Global Continuity Trends
B20. All In The Family: The Emergence Of The Industry-Specific Business Continuity Roundtable
B21. Next Generation Business Resilience (Advanced BCI Mini-Track: 3)
B22. Strategic DR Planning Uncovered
B23. Training Technical Personnel For Disaster Recovery Testing -- A Case Study
B24. Technology Assisted Program Management