Mike Janko, GoodyearWith corporate ofices in Akron, OH -- within reach of Sandy as it moved inland -- and facilities scattered throughout the Northeast, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. on Monday put its business continuity plans into action. Mike Janko, Manager of Global Business Continuity at Goodyear and member of Continuity Insights' editorial advisory board, provides a snapshot of the company's efforts before, during and after the storm hit:

Fortunately, Goodyear and its associates have been relatively unaffected by Hurricane Sandy.

Goodyear began to implement our business continuity strategies for Sandy on Monday.  

More importantly, we began with Hurricane 2012 Planning strategies in April (done annually), which best prepared us for Sandy.  

We synch up 14 tactical teams under the BC umbrella with a focus on our associates, facilities and supply chain.  

Specific to Sandy, the challenge was having our retail stores and other facilities -- located directly in the path of Sandy -- operating safely as long as possible, while keeping all our associates safe, which we have done.  

We reminded our associates about preparing their homes for power outages, flooding and checks for safe re-entry.  

In addition, we're monitoring the impact to our critical suppliers.  

Although the storm surge is still underway, we are using our all-hazards approach and years of sharing best practices to maximize the safety of our associates and minimize adverse impact to business operations.