Regroup logoRegroup is providing free emergency notification services to assist schools, businesses and government agencies re-establish and maintain communications in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

With Hurricane Sandy leaving millions displaced or without power, Regroup’s free group messaging platform will give organizations the best chance to reach all of their people with critical disaster recovery information.

Since many businesses host their communications services locally, when power is lost to large areas for a sufficient amount of time, those services are lost. A hosted, emergency communication service, like Regroup’s, ensures that a localized crisis doesn’t affect emergency communications.

“Our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Sandy, and we are proud to be able help any schools, government agencies or companies in need,” said Regroup CEO Joe DiPasquale.

Regroup, a leading provider of emergency notification and group messaging services, is enabling communities affected by Hurricane Sandy to quickly and easily reach their students, employees and families via text message (SMS), voice message, email, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all at once and at no cost.

 “We want to do our part to expedite the disaster recovery process and help those that can to return to their homes and their lives as quickly and safely as possible.” Mr. DiPasquale said.

Not only has the company prepared a special “Emergency Relief” version of its notification software, but it has also earmarked up to $100,000 of messaging services for the users. In addition, Regroup has marshaled resources to comply with the demand so that organizations can be up and messaging within hours and support staff has been ramped up to assist those who are new to the system to act as quickly as possible.

“Recovering from a crisis like this can take considerable time,” DiPasquale said. “Regroup is committed to providing those organizations in real need with the services and support they require for the weeks it will take to recover.”

Regroup encourages affected organizations to contact the company at (775)-476-8710, or write us at

About Regroup

Regroup is a leading provider of Group Mass Messaging and Emergency Notification solutions and services. Regroup’s “one-touch” text (sms), voice, email, website and social media (Twitter, Facebook) messaging system sets the industry standard for unified communications platforms. Developed at Stanford University in 2006, Regroup’s intuitive, user-friendly interface, seamless database integration and unparalleled throughput and reliability make it the best choice for organizations serious about effective communications.

For information about Regroup’s emergency notification and mass messaging services, visit us at or take a free online product demonstration at or by calling 775-476-8710.