It seems as if almost every day, new issues emerge to test the plans and preparedness of business continuity professionals across the world. New, perpetually evolving technology, worldwide pandemics, and a global economy all present new risks and it’s up to BC pros to prepare for them. This can be easier said than done.

The 2017 Continuity Insights Management Conference will feature several presentations from companies representing various industries that will focus on emerging issues. Presenters will cover a wide range of topics that many BC pros will likely be faced with soon if they haven’t been working on them already.

As the cybersecurity outlook becomes increasingly more dire, Frank Buck, Senior Product Manager with Sungard Availability Services, and Doug Sawyer, Disaster Recovery Coordinator – Team Lead, for Kroger will present “Management and Prevention of Cyber-attacks in the Real World.”

State-sponsored data breaches have turned cybercrimes into weaponized attacks, and it’s projected that all companies will have experienced a cybersecurity incident by 2020. Ransomware is currently one of the most devastating and popular attacks that can bring an organization to a standstill. With this in mind, Buck and Sawyer will demonstrate how a large enterprise tackles this problem, putting you on track to weather the inevitable attacks, minimize the damage, and get back to business within organizations of all sizes.

Steven Ross of Riskmasters, Inc. will present “People: The Missing Ingredient in IT Recovery,” where he will speak to the Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery personnel who often find advanced IT recovery beyond their reach and their budget. He will address techniques including broad cross-training, contingent outsourcing and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). The session will point to the problems faced by small (even one-person) Business Continuity Management functions that are concerned that their organizations’ IT recovery capabilities do not align with their Recovery Time Objectives.

Dr. Nader Mehravari and David White of Axio Inc. will present “Doing What Technology Can't: The Use of Risk Transfer in Managing Resilience and Cyber Risk,” providing a comprehensive overview and the current state of this important emerging field.

Tejas Katwala, CEO of Continuity Logic, will share his top transformational ideas for modernizing business continuity programs right now you can do right now to modernize your business continuity program during his session, “Top Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Modernize your Business Continuity Program.”

Today’s business world moves at a faster pace than it ever has, and it is important that business continuity professionals recognize the emerging issues that they will likely face in their professional careers.  

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