For business continuity professionals, case studies can be an important tool in improving their programs. Having the opportunity to hear a first-hand account of a plan being developed or put into action can go a long way in finding out what works, what doesn’t, and what kind of challenges are on the horizon. They can help BC professionals avoid making bad situations even worse, either by learning from failures of others or by attempting to repeat their successes.

The 2017 Continuity Insights Management Conference will feature several case studies from companies from various industries that will focus on a wide range of topics.

Chris Summerrow of UPS and Randy Spivey from the Center of Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS) will present “Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention Training – How UPS Improved Its Workplace Violence Program.”

Are you and your employees prepared to identify, assess, and respond to threatening situations in workplace? Have you assessed your workplace violence (WPV) program against the ANSI, SHRM, or ASIS standards? Do you have Threat Assessment Teams set up in your operations? Have you considered multi-media training solutions to enhance your program? 

If you answered “no” to even one of these questions, Summerrow and Spivey will review a case study that provides answers as to how workplace violence awareness and prevention programs were assessed, improved, and deployed across a large organization – UPS – with success.


Case Studies